Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are you reading about Grace's and my first Christmas case?

If not, what are you waiting for?  All the episodes of "Christmas Spirits" are up at  This was our first Christmas together, when Daniel Flint was trying to tear down our neighborhood to put up a mall.  (What is it with you Mundanes and shopping?  I like acquiring stuff, too, but come on!)  Who'd have thought we'd have to save his bacon?

No, I'm not telling you what happens.  Go read it for yourself.  And if you like it, donate  to Food for the Poor using the link in the sidebar.  We're taking donations until Dec 31.  We're trying to raise funds to send an impoverished family in your Caribbean.  Right now, we have over $400, which will buy some goats or pigs or a couple of wells. That makes Karina and Grace happy, but me?  I think we should send a cow.  How ironic would that be?  A dragon giving someone else a cow?  Help us out here.  And tell your friends.

I mean, this is my story.  How can you resist?

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