Thursday, February 2, 2012

Video Trailer for Live and Let Fly (copied from Fabianspace)

by Karina Fabian

I was goofing around with my new video maker and created this trailer for Live and Let Fly.  Don't forget; it comes out in April!

I've taken all the comments on the mini blurbs into consideration and am going with #3:
Festival was Friday. We had two days to stop a Nordic demigod evil overlord—overlady, overbeing, whatever—from blowing up a nuclear power plant, possibly destroying half an island full of revelers in the process, and creating an Interdimensional Gap through which she can bring the rest of her giant relatives to set up housekeeping where the Faerie Catholic Church didn't have the power to control them. In other words, two days until Hel broke loose.
I've had worse deadlines. I could afford a long bath in our whirlpool tub and a good meal first.

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