Saturday, November 10, 2012

Like 007? You'll LOVE Dragon-Oh-Seven!

Cover art by Lex Valentine

Get it this month from the publisher and 10 percent of the proceeds go to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy: 

The magic is Faerie.  The technology, Mundane.  When they meet, the survival of the world rests in one dragon's…er…claws.  See Vern as you've never seen him before!  

For a dragon detective with a magic-slinging nun as a partner, saving the worlds gets routine. So, when the US government hires Vern and Sister Grace to recover stolen secrets for creating a new Interdimensional Gap-- secrets the US would like to keep, thank you—Vern sees a chance to play Dragon-Oh-Seven.
No human spy, however, ever went up against a Norse goddess determined to use those secrets to rescue her husband. Sigyn will move heaven and earth to get Loki—and use the best and worst of our world against anyone who tries to stop her.
It's super-spy spoofing at its best with exotic locations (Idaho--exotic?), maniacal middle-managers, secret agent men, teen rock stars in trouble, man-eating animatronics, evil overlords and more! 

 Introducing CIA Agent Rakness, Stan Rakness

If you love adrenalin-rushing action...
If you love dangerous romance in exotic locations...
If you love nail biting suspense...
If you love laughing so hard you draw stares...
Then you'll love Live and Let Fly!

Still not convinced?  Read the excerpt:

Charlie started to close the door behind us, his other hand gripping the handle of his dagger so tightly I could hear the leather wrap on the handle strain, as we listened to the footsteps coming our way, slow, bored. My predator's instincts rose; then I had a great idea. I shook my head at Charlie and winked, and he shuffled out of my way, leaving the door ajar. I settled myself with my back to the door, just inside the shadows and let the script play itself out:

CLUELESS MINION enters Stage Left. He pauses, hearing a noise, but does not report it. Instead, he fondles the stars on his name tag and moves toward the empty hallway, his mind on adding another. (Probably saying, "I was proactive today!")
CLUELESS pauses at door, hesitating. He stands and, back to the door, reaches for his walkie-talkie.
Suddenly, a well-muscled and gorgeously scaled tail whips out from the crack in the door and wraps itself around his neck. He only has time to grab ineffectively at the tail before he's drawn into the darkness. The door shuts behind him.
Pan shot of the empty hallway.

I slammed my victim on the floor and pinned him with my forelegs, then I leaned my face in nice and slow, making sure he got a good look at my fangs before he saw my eyes. "Where's the girl?" I growled low and menacingly.
"Wh-What g-g-girl?"
Charlie crouched down by Stutterboy and glanced at his name tag. "Look, Philip, we're in a bit of a hurry. We know Rhoda Dakota's being held captive somewhere nearby. Now you can be a good survivor and tell us where…or you can be dinner."
"I-I don't—"                 
"Phil A. Minion." I mused and drooled a bit for effect. I live for these moments, I really do. I licked his cheek and asked Charlie, "Can I have fries with that?"
"Why not? This is Idaho."

Or hear an excerpt:

Enjoyed that?

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Taking a Sabattical--from Karina

Dear Friends, You all know how much I enjoy writing Vern stories and blogging in my dragon's voice. However, lately, it's been more pressure than joy to write and to keep up this blog. I've decided that the best thing for me to do is take a break from writing I feel obligated to--including blogs--and just concentrate on writing that I want to do, when I want to do it. I am not quitting writing, just scaling back. 2013 promises to be a BIG year for my family, with one child graduating, two leaving home, Rob retiring, and our moving into our "forever home," wherever that may be. I also want to explore self-publishing (the first of which will be DragonEye novellas). Right now, however, a weekly blog is just pressure instead of fun, so I know I need a break. Please check Vern's and my Facebook pages for information. Otherwise, on behalf of Vern, Sister Grace and myself, God bless you and keep you laughing. Karina