L&LF Tour Calendar

Keep track of the ones marked HUNT.  That's where you'll find clues for the Live and Let Fly grand prize--books & fun stuff!

April 1
* DragonEye PI (http://dragoneyepi.net) Serial Story Continues
* Caprice Hokstad (http://caprice.splashdownbooks.com) Info

April 2
* Fabianspace (http://fabianspace.blogspot.com) Kickoff      

April 3
* Tracy Morris (www.tracysmorris.com) Five Not-So-Simple Rules about Humor
* Kelsoglyphs (http://www.sylviakelso.com) Info

April 4
* DragonEye PI (http://dragoneyepi.net) Serial Story Continues
* The New Book Reviews (http://www.thenewbookreview.blogspot.com/2012/04/waiting-for-next-three-way-collision-of.html) Review of Magic, Mensa and Mayhem, the First DragonEye Book
* Reality Skimming (http://okalrel.org/blog) Interview w/Vern/HUNT
* Sense of Fiction (http://ksrwriter.blogspot.com) Interview

April 5
* Jennifer Walker(http://www.jennifersbookreviews.blogspot.com) Merging Faith w/ Fantasy

April 6
* Writing and Marketing (http://karencioffiwritingandmarketing.com) Effective Book Marketing
* Writers & Authors (http://writersandauthors.blogspot.com/) On Video Book Trailers
April 7
* Lincoln Crisler (http://lincolncrisler.info/?p=991) Writing and Being a Military Spouse

April 8
* DragonEye PI (http://dragoneyepi.net) Serial Story Continues
* Rebecca Ryals Russell (http://rryalsrussell.com/blog/) The Name Game/HUNT

April 9
* Fabianspace (http://fabianspace.blogspot.com) Vern as a Guy/HUNT
*Time w/Tannia (http://timewithtannia.tripod.com) Interview
* You Gotta Read (http://yougottareadreviews.blogspot.com) Something Completely Different

April 10
* Teen Word Factory (http://www.teenwordfactory.com/) Why I wrote L&LF

April 11
* DragonEye PI (http://dragoneyepi.net) Serial Story Continues
* Sally Christie (http://sallyfranklinchristie.com/wp/) Interview w/Karina & Vern/HUNT
* Diana’s Writing Den (http://diannaswritingden.com/) On the Submission Process

April 12

April 13
* Gloria Oren (http://gloriascorner.com/) What Vern & Grace have been up to
* Gary Olson (http://www.garywolson.com/blog/) Interview
* Barbara's Meanderings (http://barbaraehrentreu.blogspot.com/) On Norse Mythology/HUNT

April 14
* Flowers on the Fence (http://flowersonthefence.blogspot.com) Vern’s Apologia on Extortion/HUNT

April 15
* DragonEye PI (http://dragoneyepi.net) Serial Story Continues
* Paper Dragon, Inc. (http://paperdragonink.com) Interview
* Sandra Saidak (http://sandrasaidak.com/) Interview
* Roxanne Bland (http://roxannebland.com/) Interview, About Stan Rakness

April 16
* Fabianspace (http://fabianspace.blogspot.com) Editing L&LF

April 17

April 18
* DragonEye PI (http://dragoneyepi.net) Serial Story Continues
* Michelle Pickett (www.Michelle-Pickett.com) Interview

April 19—Karina’s Birthday!

April 20 – Live and Let Fly Published!
* Escape Velocity (http://kerryadrienne.com) Info/HUNT

April 21
* The Baptized Imagination (http://baptizedimagination.com) Interview

April 22
* DragonEye PI (http://dragoneyepi.net) Serial Story Continues
* Catholic Creativity (http://www.catholiccreativity.net) Interview
* Catholic Fiction (http://catholicflashfiction.wordpress.com)  Excerpt-Vern Confesses/HUNT
* The Writers Chat Room (http://writerschatroom.com) 7 PM Eastern-Guest Chat

April 23
* Fabianspace (http://fabianspace.blogspot.com) About the Cover

* Becca Butcher (http://beccabutcher.wordpress.com) Interview

April 24
* Teresa Schnellmann (www.twfendley.com) Info + Give-away
* Biblio Paradise (http://biblioparadise.wordpress.com) Interview
* Plotting Princesses (http://plottingprincesses.blogspot.com) Interview

April 25
* Snoring Scholar (http://snoringscholar.com) Review/HUNT
* Erin Hartshorn (http://www.erinmhartshorn.com/blog/) Review, Writing about Interesting Times, & Giveaway

April 26

* Where Love and Fantasy Take Flight (http://NicoleZoltack.blogspot.com) Info/HUNT
* Far Edge of Normal (http://jaletaclegg.blogspot.com/) Vern talks food

April 27
* A Frank Review (http://blog.frankcreed.com) Info
* Becca Butcher (http://beccabutcher.wordpress.com) Information

April 28
* Helene Prevost (www.hmprevost.com) Interview

April 29
*J.Q. Rose (www.jqroseauthor.blogspot.com) Writing & the Twisted Mind

April 30
* Catholic Writers Guild (http://blog.catholicwritersguild.com) About Sister Grace

May 15
* Writers & Authors (http://writersandauthors.blogspot.com/) Interview

*"Siren Spell" (the story of Sister Grace) Flying Island Press (www.flyingislandpress.com)
* Catholic Dads Online (http://www.catholicdadsonline.org) Review
* Book Reviews & More (http://bookreviewsandmore.ca) Review
* Theresa's Simplicity in Words (www.teribelle.wordpress.com) Review & Give Away