DragonEye Stories in Chronological Order

“Of Slings and Feeling Vexed” in 10Flash
“Siren Spell”

“DragonEye, PI” in Firestorm of Dragons: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1896944809

“It’s Petty Pace” in 10Flash

“A La Mode”

“Sins of the Brother” in Weird Noir: http://www.amazon.com/Weird-Noir-ebook/dp/B009YYF38M

“Pandarus’ Valentine’s Day Massacre”

“Beautification Claws” in Bards and Sages Quarterly: http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/pl.cgi?341043

“Brother Silence” in Residential Aliens: http://www.resaliens.com/2011/10/brother-silence/

“Mishmash” in Book of Tentacles

“Christmas Spirits”

“Pandarus Returns”

“Amateurs” in The Sword Review: http://www.theswordreview.com/item.php?sub_id=1383

“Royal Scam”

“Home Improvements” in Residential Aliens: http://www.resaliens.com/2011/06/home-improvements/

“Coyote Fires”

“Fern Gullible”

“Thief Whisperer” in The Prairie Dawg: http://northdakota.us.mensa.org/dawg09-9.pdf

Live and Let Fly:   http://www.amazon.com/Live-Case-Files-DragonEye-ebook/dp/B007Y5TCHG/

“Los Lagos Heat” in Manifesto: UF:


* Updated April 2013


  1. Karina, can you collect all your DragonEye stories into one volume, or do readers (copyright law) have to track down all these short stories to get dragon lore, Vern style, all in order?

  2. I've not collected them into a single volume yet. I may later. Right now, I'm still writing new ones, and looking at publishing some older ones I've not found homes for. Most of the short stories I have the rights for now, though I don't mind them being online for others to enjoy.