Saturday, November 12, 2011

Website facelift (by Karina)

Back when I started writing DragonEye, PI, I had big plans for a website with forums and fan fic and pictures and who knew what.  My good friend, Ann Lewis put me together a terrific website using PHP and a fun template we found. 

That was three years ago.  Since then, I've gotten older, wiser, and busier!  I found the website's default small print hard on the eyes and hated to hassle of increasing the font with every post (every paragraph, every heading...)  The fan stuff never quite flew, and I found an easier way to publish my newsletter publicly and started an opt-in newsletter using a service, which is easier than using PHP.  And I found I was just not as interested in all the bells and whistles.  With the next book coming out in April 2012, it was time for a new site.

Blogger recently let you add pages to your blog, and I like the interface, so it was a natural jump for me.  I've been dinking around with it for a couple of weeks, and it's about how I like it.  With my FabianSpace and Rocket Science for the Rest of Us blogs, I am tapped out on time, so I will use the "blog" just for announcements, I think.   Maybe now and then Vern will surprise you.  (His blogs will be marked "by Vern").  That means the best way to get in on the fun--aside from checking in now and then--is to follow the blog.  (Check the sidebar.)  You won't get too many notices, although I do have some fun stuff planned between now and April, when Live and Let Fly comes out.

Please give me your opinions on the website, especially if there's other content you'd like to see.  Once I get publisher approval, I'll start a page on Live and Let Fly.  In the meantime, however, I have a BIG FAVOR to ask.

I need to come up with a brand name for some overcute, anime/cartoony cats that play a part in someone's home decorating scheme, and I have it narrowed down to two.  My editor, Chris Speakman, likes "Cutsie Kitten" and I like "Kawaii Kitten," so we thought it would be fun to let you guys decide. On the sidebar, there's a poll to vote for your favorite name.  Be sure to include your e-mail addy to qualify for the drawing!  Tell your friends!  Deadline is December 4.


  1. Nice website, it's a good idea to use Blogger. Looks very professional. I shared the link on Facebook.

  2. Lovely site. I know I'll visit often:)

  3. I was just over at the old site. BIG IMPROVEMENT.

    On the kitten name...Virginia abstains, respectfully. One name's too obvious and the other's too erudite (admittedly, about the only thing that occurred to me was "Kitten Kitten").

  4. Very nice! On the name issue, though I'm not enthralled by Cutsie Kitten, when my eyes scan across Kawaii Kitten, they see Hawaii Kitten.

    Looking at the first option again, It's too easy to read as Cut-sie Kitten. Perhaps some more tinkering is in order. Good luck!