Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Don't Call Me "Momma!"

Spoiler Alert:  If you've not read "Coyote Fires," then go check it out now.  The fundraiser is over, so just enjoy the story before Karina takes it down.

Read it?  Good.  Then let me make this clear.  I hatched that phoenix egg by breathing fire on it.  That's it.  I'm as much a mother as an incubator is.  And labor jokes aside, it was hard and I was tired.  So don't go calling me "Momma."

Incidentally, we made $234, not counting the money made from book sales, which MuseItUp needs to get back with us on.  Thanks to all who donated:

Margaret Realy
Christina Weigand
Tim Ward
Amanda Borenstadt
Jeff Bickley
C.F. Vici
Charlotte Babb
Janet Parfitt
Matthew E H Green
Christel Sparks
Lisa Mladinich
Teresa Schnellmann
Beth Barany
Dindy Robinson
Lea Schizas
Chris Speakman
Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz
Jolynn Oshea-Walker
Arthur Powers
Ellen Gable Hrkach
Michele Graf

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